One of the Willamette Valley's only true historic barn venues

The farm was first settled by one of Oregon's pioneers, Christopher Peter Zumwalt and his family, in the early 1850's. They were prominent and successful farmers in the area for three generations. The barn was built by them in the 1880's to house the draft horses that worked the farm. Signs of these uses are still evident around the barn, things like the wear marks from horses chewing on the beams, the hitching ring for tying them up or the trolley track that was used to lift in hay into the loft for winter feeding. Constructed by master craftsman using only hand tools, the building utilizes mortise and tenon joints and very few nails.

The farm has seen multiple owners and many ups and downs since the barn was built. It is a testament to the quality of its construction that it has come through all those years in such good condition.